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The client brief was to:
1) stabilise slope area
2) improve drainage for water-logged areas
3) acheive good access in and out
4) create a cascade water feature
5) obtain a seating area with lake view
6) use a planting scheme that must retain a natural look
7) make steps to access area above the lake

The main slope was retained by railway sleepers with all other terraces constrcuted using chestnut stakes. 300m of land drains installed and diverted into lake. Cascasde was constructed using York stone. Two springs were diverted into cascade. The water flow was boosted by a pump situated in the lake. The seating area was constructed using railway sleepers and Indian stone.Steps were built using railway sleepers too.

There are four planting areas. Lower levels and lakeside contain marginal and aquatics. Medium levels; shrubs, herbaceous and architectural. Upper levels had shrubs and perennials requiring dry shade with Spring flowering bulbs mixed in. The Cascade area had mmixed marginal.

Build time: 17 weeks